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These exclusive Parisian wedding dresses are unique creations; designed, custom tailored and made ​​from an original sketch in your image.



Here are some examples of wedding outfits made ​​exclusively for one bride, according to her wishes, silhouette and advice. You too, come with your desires, and we will associate our ideas together to create a unique wedding dress to your image.

For future brides who have a clear idea of ​​their wedding dress or for those who have none, creating a true result is a process of complicity between the bride and the designer. You can then start to dream, imagine and conceive with us your unique dress: It will be like no other and will never be worn by anyone but you. Our business is THE CREATION OF CUSTOM WEDDING DRESSES IN PARIS!

Some of the dresses are visible in the section They said “I do”.

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It is not always easy to choose A wedding dress when you are a voluptuous size…

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That is why we are launching a capsule collection: The Voluptuous Brides. For curvy women who are more Rubens Giacometti, we offer our dresses that have the most success, now available in the shop for fittings! Depending on your taste and style, then we can modify and customize every detail to create a unique dress!

Thus, the complete tailor-made and often necessary adjustments when one wants to adapt a design to her silhouettes becomes accessible without being complex!

This collection consists of four dresses that are suitable for all body types. We help you chose the cuts, fabrics, necklines that are best suited to accommodate generous breasts and hips or small bellies to hide.



Create your own combination to find the perfect wedding dress!


Christophe-Alexandre DOCQUIN offers a collection of a dozen skirts, bustiers and many tops and jackets, boleros and some accessories. By combining one of the twelve forms of skirts available with one of the twelve tops and another twelve accessories, you create your own style that we will tailor to a completely new outfit!

All as different from each other, these elements represent all styles and all forms of wedding dresses. Organza, satin, chiffon, taffeta … You can also choose silks, lace and embroidery of your choice for a tailor-made outfit in perfect harmony with your desires.

Thus, according to your taste and your figure, you can compose the dress of your dreams from over 1000 existing possibilities!

To come try your novel combination, contact us at 01 42 94 00 87 for an appointment.

*If a sketch appears it’s a winning combination! Click to make the design disappear and click to replay and see other possibilities.
Each sketch shown here is named after a famous opera.


To design exceptional dresses, we have selected the finest silks.
French-made, they are available in white, ivory and champagne:

  • Silk satins: duchess satin, double face satin, satin lingerie, satin lamé.
  • Silk crepes: Moroccan crepe, light satin crepe, heavy satin crepe, Chinese crepe, georgette crepe.
  • Chiffons: Parisian muslin cloth, charming chiffon satin, changing chiffon satin, shaded chiffon, chiffon crêponnée.
  • Rare or old fabrics: RADZIMIR, the Mikado, jacquards from Duchess to lamé, the Cigaline, the veil, feathers
  • Stretch silks: Stretch satin, chiffon stretch silk jersey.
  • Organzas: Organza simple, Satin Organza, Satin double organza, organza changeant, Laquer organza, organza metal.
  • Striped silks: georgette striped striped organza, chiffon stripe.
  • Cottons: cotton voile, cotton poplin, cotton organdy, organza embroidered cotton.
  • Velvets: velvet cotton, silk, mixed, batik, devoured, crushed velvet.
  • Silk linings: silk satin, Habutai, pongee.